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The Truth, The Whole Truth and the Literal Truth

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I'm Scottish, I'm gay and I'm a pagan - though not necessarily in that order. I'm also a video game addict and a technophile with a love of anything shiny and technologically impressive. I love movies, although I tend to prefer watching them on a decent home entertainment system than sitting amongst the mobile phone rings and teenage chatter of your average multiplex. I also love travelling, although not holidaying. Visiting somewhere for a couple of days/weeks doesn't really interest me as much as staying in a place for a year and getting to know the culture. This has led me to my chosen carreer...

I'm an ESL/EFL (English as a Second Language / English as a Foreign Language) teacher in my mid-twenties and am not ashamed of that at all. While I've occasionally been asked when I plan to get a real job, I normally reply that I already have one and in fact, I plan to make a carreer out of it for the forseeable future. I've spent most of my working life in Asia - firstly in China for three years and then in Thailand from October 2006. I briefly toyed with the idea of working in Europe but realised the pay was terrible and the conditions worse and that after a month I started to miss living in Asia. This probably means I'm going to be here a while.

Politically I'd probably describe myself as a liberal-socialist and I have extremely liberal views about most things. Racism, sexism, homophobia/heterosexism, religious intolerance are not welcome anywhere in my journal...I believe in freedom of speech in the broader sense, but make an exception for hate-speech. Having said that, if you hold more conservative viewpoints that you want to express in comments etc. here then that's fine...I might even like to have an adult discussion about the differences between your views and mine. As a general guide: "I think that you're wrong about immigration, the government needs to be tougher on this issue because..." is fine, "Everyone knows asylum seekers are just here to sponge off the government and steal our jobs. We should send them back to where they come from." is not. Extrapolate from that.

Finally I'm a fairly erratic, low-volume poster...don't be suprised if I don't post for months at a time. I always come back and post eventually.
24, acid, acting, air, amnesty international, asia, babylon 5, big beat, books, british traditional wicca, british traditional witchcraft, candles, cernunous, chatting, china, chinese, chinese culture, cinema, civil unions, cock, cocktails, collections, computer graphics, computers, covens, creative writing, creativity, crowley, daft punk, dance, dance music, david eddings, david fincher, debate, discussion, discworld, dogma, downbeat, drama, drinking, drinking games, drugs, dune, dvd, dvds, earth, eddie izzard, efl, electronic art, electronica, english, esl, europe, faith, fantasy, fatboy slim, fiction, films, foreign cinema, gardnerian, gay, gay marriage, gay pride, gay rights, gay sex, george orwell, gin and tonics, goddesses, godesses, gods, grammar, guy pearce, guys, hash, human rights, intelligence, internet, j.r.r. tolkien, japan, kevin smith, korea, liberal socialism, liberalism, literature, lsd, magick, mandarin, martinis, massive attack, matrix, men, movies, music, mythology, neo-pagan, neo-paganism, night, pacifism, pagan, paganism, pagans, peace, philosophy, photoshop, politics, polytheism, postcolonial literature, postcolonialism, postmodern literature, postmodernism, psychology, questions, religion, rituals, sci fi, science, science fiction, scotland, scottish independence, shakespeare, sleeping, smoking, socialism, stargate sg-1, symbolism, taoism, techno, tefl, terry pratchett, tesl, thailand, the european union, the internet, the west wing, thelema, thievery corportation, thinking, tolkien, toni morrison, travel, travelling, tricky, university of strathclyde, vietnam, werewolves, wicca, witchcraft, writing, ying yang, zero

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